Song Spotlight: Humble Heart

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This song was birthed some years ago now. It all began when I was keeping an ear open to hear songs that tried to deal with themes that help to express our Christian walk in different and unique ways. Brenton Brown's song 'Humble King', that I first heard on the ground-breaking Vineyard album 'Hungry' in 2001, did just that.

Here was a worship song describing a characteristic of Jesus that is not often dealt with in modern songwriting - humility.

This got me thinking. If humility is a characteristic of Jesus, and as followers of Jesus, we too should be seeking the same humility that Jesus has. I did not want to copy Brenton Brown's song, but it proved to be a catalyst in me writing a song on a similar theme. During the writing process it was very important for me to keep the focus of the song on Jesus, keeping Him central to the theme and the lyric, even though the song talks about our own humility and comparing it to Christ's.

It took quite a few years before I felt it was right to introduce this song in a congregational setting. I often avoided choosing the song because it felt quite personal and uses the words 'I' instead of 'we' and 'us' which I prefer in a corporate setting. However one day the theme of the song fitted perfectly with the sermon, so I took the plunge! The song was picked up very quickly by the congregation and resonated with a lot of the people there - positive feedback! It has been sung many times since then.

I find using a church pipe-organ sound on keys during the chorus gives the song a strong lift. Drums also add strength, but less is more.

My favourite line has got to be the bridge: 'Melt my pride away'. I think it is quite poetic as well as being very descriptive.

'Humble Heart' is my song of the month for January. Listen to a demo version of it below. If you like it and want to use it in your church, please do. Print off the lyrics and chords here. Also visit my website to find a load more songs, chord charts and audio samples that are also free for you to use by clicking here.

Humble Heart

I bow my heart before, before a living God
I bow my knee before Your throne
I lay my hopes and dreams before a holy God
Come and make my will Your own
Give me a humble heart
Make me pure and true
Give me a humble heart
Make me more like You
You search my deepest parts, to find a contrite heart
Your blessing falls upon the meek
May I decrease Lord, so You may increase Lord
In my weakness You are strong
Melt my pride away, melt my pride away, melt my pride away

Matt McChlery. Copyright © 2004 Faithseed Music. Administered by Song Solutions CopyCare

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  1. thanks for share.

  2. Thank you for sharing this song. It really is rare to find worship songs that say, "melt my pride away." Much appreciated!


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