Sunday Setlist - 20th January 2013

Ok, so on Sunday I was leading the sung element of the worship service, while Jane Gathercole (who is another gifted Worship Leader here at The King's Church, Wisbech) lead the rest of the service for the first time! It was great working with Jane in this new way. She was very sensitive to the Spirit and happy for God to turn up and do His stuff, even if it meant being a bit flexible and going with the flow - great job, Jane!

The sermon was the next installment in our series on the life of David. Here we looked at his relationship with Saul as well as comparing and contrasting David's life, attitude and anointing as compared to Saul's.

The theme was a little tricky to find songs to match up with in a literal and exact way. However the songs chosen did fit with other elements of the service: testimonies, prophetic words etc. that people brought to our worship gathering.

This  List:
Your Love is Amazing - Brenton Brown and Brian Doerksen (Vineyard)
When I Call on Your Name (I've Found a Love) - Ben Cantelon (Soul Survivor / Kingsway)
The Desert Song - Brooke Ligertwood (Hillsong)
Befriended - Matt Redman (Kingsway / Passion)
Saviour of the World - Matt McChlery, Anna Smith, Dave Nurney (Faithseed) Get chords hereListen here.

I hope you enjoy listening to one of our home-grown songs 'Saviour of the World'. It worked really well with the drums (it's been ages since I've played that song with drums!) - Oh, and by the way, we did write it before Ben Cantelon wrote his song by the same name!

Check it out. If you like it and could see it working in your worship set, print off the chord chart and go for it!


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