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'Beautiful Life' is my new, exciting song. I was inspired to write it for the Crossing Songs songwriting competition in the 'songs for mission' category. Songs tin this category need to be uplifting, easliy singable, catchy and easily understood by someone who has never been to church before.

After giving it some thought and prayer, I sat down and wrote 'Beautiful Life' which I believe fits into the category very nicely.

However, I need your help!

I need as many people as possible to go to the Crossing Songs website (click here) and 'vote' for my song by clicking 'Like This Song'. Although this won't ultimately determine the winner, it will help the judges to notice the song and they will take the number of votes into their consideration when deciding upon the winner. Your vote or 'like' could make all the difference!

As with other songs-of-the-month you are also able to listen to the demo of the song on the Crossing Songs website as well as able to download the chord chart to enable you to sing and use the song at your church.

Anyway, I hope you like the song. Thanks for your support.

Beautiful Life

Life, life, life You lived a beautiful life
(Jesus) Life, life, life You lived a beautiful life
Stepped into this world of sin
Made a way to heaven once again, once again

You are, You are the God who walked among us
You know, You know how hard this life can be
But You’re, but You’re the God who cares about us
Jesus, you set us free

Life, life, life we live a beautiful life
Life, life, life we live a beautiful life
With Jesus in our everyday
All is colour, sin is gone away, is gone away

Free from fear, free from our shame, free from sin that enslaves
Free to know peace, free to know joy, free to be all we can be
Copyright (C) 2013 Matt McChlery


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