Aspiring Worship Leader?

I was a teenager once (yeah I know - this gets harder to believe every day). It was then when I became a Christian, learnt to play guitar and lead worship for the first time. Not all at once. There were a few years between each event, but none the less, I was a teenager.

Like most teenagers I know, I was impulsive and convinced that I was right and everyone else was wrong. However as I continue to grow up (yes, even now I'm still growing up!) I realise the more I know, the less I know. With increased knowledge and experience, I discover the vast chasm of things I do not know continues to open and expand before me.

I used to think I knew everything about leading worship, that it was all about the music (and only the music), but have discovered this is not the case. Without Jesus, it is just beautiful noise. People won't be changed by a great song, only by a great God!

I have had the privilege of guiding and helping a few people develop their God-given skills to become worship leaders. When identifying someone as a potential worship leader, these are some of the things I look for:

Seven Things to Look for in a Potential Worship Leader:

1. Are they saved? Is their evidence of fruit of living for God and with God on their lives?

2. Is the person a worshipper? Do they engage in times of worship, or do they sit there playing with their mobile phone during a service?

3. Are they willing to learn, to adapt, to follow advice, to follow leadership? Observation as well as a few informal meetings over a coffee can help discover where someone is at, what they believe and how they operate.

4. Are they willing to serve? Do they turn up on time  practises? Can you rely on them when they ate on a Rota?

5. Are they musically able? Notice this is not the first or most important requirement. Especially in the local church, a person's heart is much more important than their ability. However, there does need to be some mucial ability and gifting there as it is in the nature of the role.

6. Do they show leadership potential? Give small organisational or leadership tasks to see how they cope and respond (and how others respond to them).

7. Then take your findings to your church leadership to see if they agree before you formally implement a mentoring process.

So if you are wondering how to identify potential worship leaders yourself, or are aspiring to become a worship leader, I hope some of these ideas are useful to you?


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