Mike Rimmer - excellent advice: how to submit music to the media

Mike Rimmer - DJ at UCB
I first met Mike Rimmer some years ago shortly after dipping my young and naive toe into the Christian Music world in the UK when releasing my debut album 'FLY'. Back then he was working for another Christian music radio station called Cross Rhythms. He graciously invited me to come for an interview on live radio - my first in the UK! It was great to meet him and we had a fun time doing the interview - giving away a few CDs as prizes as well as me singing a song or two 'live' on the radio.

I must say, Mike really does know a thing or two about the Christian Music industry. He now works for United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) and currently DJs the UCB Drive show on weekdays from 4-7pm and is also on air on Saturday evenings 6pm until midnight.

Last night I came across a fantastic blog that Mike wrote about how up-and-coming 'grassroots' Christian musicians and bands should go about submitting their material to the media - for radio airplay or whatever! Based on his many years of experience, this blog is well worth a read.

Here are a few things I found particularly poignant in his blog:

"Ultimately it’s about relationship
It’s about getting to know people and making professional relationships with the media. There are some PR people whose artists I’ll always be open to hear because the PR person has bothered to build a relationship with me. There are some indie artists who have done the same and so the next time they have a release I’ll be even more open to helping them because I have a relationship. It takes effort but it’s worth it. Don’t just message me on facebook with a link to your video, talk to me about who you are and what you are doing!"
I have found that relationships between musician and media, as well as musician and other musicians / churches is absolutely vital in making any in-roads into the industry. If people don't know you, they won't play your music, buy your CD or invite you to sing at their church. Relationship is key!

There are also a few common sense point about including song names for the tracks you send on a CD, writing a clear biography and press release as well as what is important to include in your first contact and what is unnecessary (such as photos). It seems a bit basic and obvious, but it is important stuff and clearly lots of us are getting this wrong!

"Be professional
It’s like going to a job interview. You want to make a good impression. A professional well written bio or press release can do wonders. make sure there are no grammatical errors! Nicely packaged music with plenty of information is great. A hand written CDR and scrappy note are not."
This is a fantastic, informative and very useful blog for those musicians who are wanting their music to be heard and played to a wider audience. Check out the full blog here: www.mikerimmer.co.uk


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