Beauty in the Broken

Earlier today my sister said the word 'octogenarian' which reminded me about a fantastic choir I came across in a TV documentary series that was aired here in the UK a few years ago. The choir is called the 'Young@Heart Chorus' (check them out here). It is a group of elderly people who have formed a choir and travel around the USA singing their versions of modern pop songs. I think they are amazing!

When I first watched the documentary this clip (watch YouTube video below) of Fred Knittle singing Coldplay's 'Fix You' brought me to tears. I recall from the documentary that one of Fred's good friends had died only a couple of days before this performance. The thing that strikes me even to this day is the beauty of this performance - beauty in the broken!

The song is not perfectly sung. The singer is not perfect in bodily health or looks (you can hear his oxygen canister in the background). The timing goes wrong about half way through. BUT it is extremely touching, moving, authentic, genuine and beautiful! The heart behind it, the life experience, the recent encounter of loss and the courage to not be afraid of emotion really cuts through the superficial and combines to create an extremely powerful performance.

I have also encountered this unique combination live. I was at a Christian holiday camp and there was a young guy who had Downs Syndrome. He was singing and worshipping at the top of his lungs. The words were a jumble. The singing wasn't even in tune, but it was passionate. It really touched my heart and I felt God saying to me 'This is it! This is worship! It is not perfect, but it is beautiful'.

How often do we find God's beauty in broken people and situations? Leaking out of the cracks of human vessels that are not afraid to let Him ooze out? Keep your eyes and your heart open - you too can find beauty in the broken and catch a glimpse of The Father's heart!


  1. Hi I've had similar experience looking at pieces of artwork , it wasn't technically perfect but the emotion and message was so clear An Incredibly beautiful moment captured forever


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