Church Vocalist / Musician Job Description

I have recently re-written a variety of job descriptions for those who volunteer in teams within church for which I am responsible. There were some areas in some teams that needed clarification. There were also a few things that needed updating based upon a few of the changes that have recently taken place within our ministry structure and the way in which we do things.

I started off by stating our church's main vision and mission statement.

Then I explained the leadership structure within the church and highlighted who was in charge of that particular team.

Below is the job description that I have put together for the vocalists and musicians who serve at my church. feel free to use what is useful to your church setting as well as ignoring what is not. It would also be great to hear from you if you have found it useful as well as if you have any other points that would be useful to add (use the comments section below).

Vocalist / Musician Job Description:

As a member of the band you will be expected to:

  • Listen to and respect the Elders, Musical Director and Worship Leader
  • Work as part of a team, compromising whennecessary
  • Agree with the church’s statement of belief (See the ‘What We Believe’ leaflet)
  • Be a church member, committed to the church mission and vision  (Membership means: being baptised if 18 years old +, and moving towards or already within the ‘main core’ of the ragged – edged church membership model)
  • Be committed and dedicated
  • Be ministry-minded and servant-hearted
  • Love and listens to music
  • Sing / Play in tune and keep a rhythm
  • Read music or a chart
  • Learn the songs beforehand
  • Have access to email that is checked regularly
  • Be able to provide your own instrument and keep it in a good state of repair. (The church will provide drum kit, percussion, music stands, microphones and instrument cables)
  • Be able to make it to all rehearsals when it is your turn to participate on a given Sunday. [Note: If you can’t attend the rehearsal you will not play / sing on the Sunday]
  • Inform the Musical Director and Worship Leader if you are unable to attend a practise or service you are on the rota for.
  • Arrive early at church to help set up and sound check before the service (9:30am)
  • Is a lifelong learner (will practise, and seek further improvement of skills)
  • Does not participate in gossip.
  • Does not bring extra equipment that does not belong to The King’s Church, Wisbech without first asking permission from the team leader, and check that it is necessary for the effective running of the service.
  • Be aware of the church’s health and safety policy and implement it.


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