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Are You a F.A.T Leader?

It was some years ago now that I listened to a sermon that has firmly placed itself within my mind and has grown to become one of the cornerstones to my attitude and lifestyle of leadership. In the sermon, the preacher was referring to how we should approach living our Christian lives, but it applies itself equally well to leadership. The acronym F.A.T. was used to highlight 3 key points:

F - Faithful Faithfulness can manifest itself in many different ways. Are we faithful to our church and its leaders? Do we contradict any gossip we may hear going on? Do we faithfully attend church functions even when we don't feel like doing so sometimes? Are we faithful to the people we lead? Do we turn up to band practise on time / turn up to help set up the room before a meeting? Do we model the behaviour, dedication and commitment we would like to see in others?

Most importantly, are we faithful to God? Do we have a secret lifestyle or habit that contradicts our Christian faith? Will this, …

Blog Award Finalist!

When I scrolled through my In-box this morning I was not expecting an email from Premier Media, the sponsors and organisers of  the Christian New Media Awards here in the UK.

I was surprised and excited to learn that my blog, yes this very blog you are reading, has been short-listed for an award. This means, I am a finalist! I am one of 5 short-listed blogs in the 'Most Inspiring Leadership Blog' category in the 2013 Christian New Media Awards.

If I am successful and make it through the short-list process and am either a runner-up or winner, I will be attending a swish dinner in London next month! So watch this space and I will keep you posted.

I must say to all those who read my blog and those who leave comments and words of support and encouragement. Thank you! I write the blog for it to be of practical and spiritual use, not to win awards. So thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to do so.

Heavy Metal Prayer Meeting

The church I go to has recently began renting some rooms within our local community centre. Our church also meets at the community centre on a Sunday and has recently become part of the management committee who helps to run the building.

So on Wednesday, we had our monthly church prayer meeting. I was quite excited to go along to our new rooms to meet with others to pray for our church, our town and our world. Chocolate biscuits and fruit juice were laid out on the table, keyboard in the corner - this was going to be great!

At 7:30, the prayer meeting began, but on the other side of the wall, in the main hall of the community centre, so did the heavy metal band!

It was an interesting juxtaposition to say the least. When we sang it was not so bad - we could hardly notice the incessant crunching guitar that created an acoustic wallpaper for the entire prayer meeting. We were thankful that the building was in use by the community (as the centre was due to be closed earlier in the year u…