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When I scrolled through my In-box this morning I was not expecting an email from Premier Media, the sponsors and organisers of  the Christian New Media Awards here in the UK.

I was surprised and excited to learn that my blog, yes this very blog you are reading, has been short-listed for an award. This means, I am a finalist! I am one of 5 short-listed blogs in the 'Most Inspiring Leadership Blog' category in the 2013 Christian New Media Awards.

If I am successful and make it through the short-list process and am either a runner-up or winner, I will be attending a swish dinner in London next month! So watch this space and I will keep you posted.

I must say to all those who read my blog and those who leave comments and words of support and encouragement. Thank you! I write the blog for it to be of practical and spiritual use, not to win awards. So thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to do so.


  1. Well done Matt,i do enjoy reading your Blogs,there is allways something in them that one can relate to...


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