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A Wrench a Banjo and an Anvil

I was blown away when I came across this video (below) on Facebook the other day, and have watched it several times since. Apart from being absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant - it also got me thinking about worship music in local churches (again).

It brought to mind an earlier blog I wrote 'Clone Wars: The Courage To Sound Different' that explores thoughts about whether we should all strive to make our church music sound just like the latest worship CD or whether we should be brave enough to create our own version of a song, or indeed our own 'sound'.

This video gives an excellent example how 'different' does not have to mean a compromise in quality. Indeed, your version may even be better than the original. It will also reflect more accurately your unique church congregation's journey of faith.

More importantly I guess, as a worship leader you should be looking to 'use what is in your hand' as well as seeing how you can develop and take things fu…