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Integrity & Authenticity: Masks and Makeup

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As Christian leaders it is vitally important that we live the lives we preach. I am starting a blog series where together we will look at, explore and discuss the importance and role of integrity and authenticity in the life of a Worship Leader. The more thought I have given to this topic the more I have realised we are looking at personal discipleship. Being people who are busy and concerned with the lives of others we can all too easily forget that we too should be living a life of discipleship; a life of submission to God and His Word.

Having a platform ministry can often lead to Worship Leaders living double-lives. Somehow the effect of standing up in front of the church and being a recognised ‘leader’ can put some unhealthy pressures on us. One of these is the pressure to live the perfect life. Or perhaps more accurately it is the pressure to appear to be living the perfect life.

How many times have you put on yo…

Recent Reviews of my latest CD 'All Things New'

It has been an exciting few weeks reading what the various music reviewers thought of my latest worship EP 'All Things New'.

In a nutshell - they like it a lot! Louder Than The Music even said 'Quality oozes out of these songs'!

Read the full reviews here:
Louder Than The Music - score 4/5

Cross Rhythms - score 7/10

Never For Nothing - score 8/10

Playing At KingsStock Music Festival 2014

So a week ago I had the amazing honour to play at KingsStock music festival. It was amazing to lead worship in the middle of a field on the Woodland Stage near Huntingdon. There was such a sweet presence of God, it was a very special time.
Singing well known worship songs that spanned the decades helped people from a wide cross section of the church to join in, as there were no words displayed. A lovely time of church unity, just loving Jesus together. Although the KingsStock Music Festival is not technically a worship event, it was good to do so.
After the service, it was back to watching a host of Christian bands and musicians take to the various stages. I had a great time.
Tony and Maxine Cummings from Cross Rhythms radio were there and invited me to give an interview. It was a lot of fun. They also wrote a review about their KingsStock experience that includes a paragraph on the second page about my set. Readithere.
More photos from the event can be seen on my Facebook page.

Sunday Setlist - 7th September 2014

We had a powerful time in church today with guest speaker Rachel Hickson. One of the highlights for me was after we had sung the last song just before the sermon (Victor's  Crown), a teenage girl stood up and shared that she just felt she had to say something, that she was on a journey in a search for God. Powerful stuff!
So, onwiththeset list: Our God Saves
Open The Eyes Of My Heart
Waiting Here For You
Victor's Crown What did you sing?