Resource: Easter Reflections Powerpoint

Over the past few years God has been challenging me personally as well as my church collectively to look beyond the mere music within church that we glibly refer to as ‘worship’ and to seek out and embrace the breadth and depth of it. Worship that involves our whole selves, our entire lives (living sacrifices - quote).

Part of this challenge for me as a worship leader is to go beyond what I am comfortable with. It is to re-discover some ancient paths of worship that lead up to the throne of God from a different perspective. These ways of worshiping may not be my personally preferred way of entering God’s presence; they may even seem a little strange but as a leader of worship I am called to help people enter the presence of God in a way that works for them – not for me! Just because music and song connects deeply with me, it does not automatically mean that everyone connects in the same way. We are all made differently and connect with God differently (See my blog ‘My Experience at theEngage Worship day conference 2015’ where I talk about the 4 spiritual styles of worship).

So at our church we have decided to facilitate worship in a different style to our main Sunday Service.

Once a month on a Sunday evening we are offering an alternative worship expression. We begin at the end of this month with what we are calling ‘Quiet Space’. We will use mood lighting; some scatter cushions on the floor and possibly have some floaty music on in the background. There will be about 3 prayer stations set up in various positions around the room that will look at the events in Holy Week / Easter from different perspectives and include time and space for reflection, prayer, meditation and action.

After the event has happened, I will make the resources for the prayer stations available to you – so check back on my blog in a few weeks time.

As part of our Easter reflections I have created a PowerPoint presentation that will loop round, inviting people to pause and reflect on various aspects of the Easter story (It is made in PowerPoint 2010, so if you have an earlier version you may need to change some of the transition effects). I have used prayers from and a variety of different styles of pictures to help the reflection process. Download the Easter Reflection PowerPoint below for free and do use it in any way you like: as part of a church service, a small group or for personal devotions.

Please do come back and leave a comment after you have used it to let us know how it worked for you. It is always good to receive feedback.

Have a blessed Easter.


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