My Experiences at 'The Pursuit' 2015

Photo Credit: The Pursuit 
I have just returned from one of the most significant weekends I have encountered in over a decade. Why? Because I encountered God!

Yes, I initially went to The Pursuit because I had been very kindly invited to lead some of the worship sessions. I was expecting to give and minister (which I did) but was not really expecting to receive much for myself - I was wrong!

Based centrally in the UK (somewhere near Grantham) at an outdoor activity camp called PGL a couple of hundred people gathered in a tent with one aim - to worship God and to wait upon Him. It had a very different vibe to other Christian festivals I have been to. There was a very strong emphasis on community - indeed I chose to share a room with 4 other guys whom I had never met before. The 'stage' was barely elevated off the ground and was in-the-round so was placed right in the middle of the tent, breaking down the separation of 'us and them' of 'the band and preacher up here and you the listener / watcher / audience / congregation facing us down there' - we were very much all in this together. In fact we were so much in this together that every single person paid for their ticket to be there - worship leaders, band members, speakers, organisers and those that came along for the weekend.

I arrived on the Saturday morning so the 24/7 worship and prayer was already about 12 hours in by then. I could sense God's presence strongly and believe that there was an open heaven there by that point already with 'angels ascending and descending' as one of the prophetic songs that were sung revealed. In my very first meeting I already found myself on my knees for I don't know how long with tears streaming down my face for no other reason than that The King of Glory was among us.

And so the weekend begun. There were to be moments of peace, joy, fatigue, camp fires, coffee and unexpected friends. I enjoyed playing my two slots, leading worship in the 'Tent of Meeting' and playing my part in facilitating our continual basking on the glory and presence of Jesus - and yes, one of my slots was from 4-6am!

God reawakened a prophetic anointing on my life and I gave several individual prophecies to various people as well as a few powerful times of spontaneous prophetic song from the middle (no the front). I can say that for me, something has shifted in my life - I will never be the same.

The Pursuit Team - Thank you for hosting us and His presence so well. Here's hoping I will be back next year.

If you were at The Pursuit please  do share some of your experiences in the comments section below:


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