Is your Church Disability Friendly?

Watching this video brought to mind a number of questions I believe are important for church leaders to wrestle with:

  • Will disabled people feel welcome in my Church? 
  • How disability friendly is my Church, both in terms of physical needs (ramps, hearing loop, disabled toilets etc) and in terms of attitudes of church members? 
  • Do we underestimate the potential of disabled people in our churhces? 
  • Are people with disabilities able to participate fully in the life of my church? 
  • Are people with disabilities able to have 'platform ministry' positions if they are able? 
  • Do we celebrate the abilities that disabled people do have rather than focusing on what they can not do? 
This inspiring video goes to show that people with disabilities are people too and that there are things that they can bring something to contribute to the life of your Church community.

How would Jesus respond?


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