A Song for Times of Sorrow

Usually I blog about my Sunday setlist, but today I am going to do things a little differently - I hope you don't mind?

Sunday was a sad time for our church congregation. One of our members had died on Friday evening after losing his battle with cancer. Not only that, but another family member of someone else in the congregation had died a week before that and there are still a couple of other church members who are  currently battling cancer.

The challenge for me as Worship Leader was, how do I acknowledge the grief and sorrow within the church, yet still finding a way to point towards the hope and glory of Jesus. Was there a way I could do both these things at the same time?

This beautiful and powerful song by Phil Wickham came to mind and it fitted the bill perfectly. We often shy away from singing about suffering, grief and death but this song confronts those issues head-on and I believe fills a great need in our worship song repertoire.

Go ahead and click on the video above and see if you agree. I would love to hear your thoughts, so please do leave a comment below.



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