Excellent Worship Songwriting Tips

I came across this blog post the other day by We Are Worship and written by Simon Hawkins called 'Top-10 Worship Writing Tips'.

It begins to dig beneath the surface a little as to how to write a great worship song and looks as some elements that are not often covered such as prosody, syllable stresses and rhyme scheme.

Here is a little taste:
"5. Write your best (substantial) ideas - I believe you can write pretty much any title. But not every title makes a great song. It needs a substantial idea behind the title. When you find a substantial idea, if it’s been written already, look for a new approach to it and use your own voice to articulate it. 
6. Beware of words and phrases that have lost their power - They are still beautiful concepts but their impact has been weakened by overuse. There will always be a better, fresher line out there somewhere."

I know it is one that I will be coming back to from time to time so I thought I would share it with you.

Check out the full, original article.


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