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From the Outside Looking In

As I face up to this battle with cancer, I acknowledge that I am not an island - it affects not only me but those around me too. Below are some thoughts from my darling wife, Verity and her reflections on our shared journey so far:

I just read Matt's blog about him dealing with the prospect of having cancer and him coming to terms with it all, and it made me realise that I really haven't come to terms with it. My mind at the moment  seems a lot more messy and turbulent. I have no idea if this is something that he would like to share in his blog but I thought I'd write it down anyway.

Snot and Tears

I have just realised that I only began blogging about my journey with cancer since the diagnosis. There was a period of time while I was waiting for the diagnosis where God did some pretty amazing things and in a way prepared me to cope with what was to come. So I think I will tell you about it here - just so you can see the whole picture, including the snot and tears!

A story of two pots

Some good news! My wife's scan went well yesterday. After our ectopic pregnancy earlier in the year it was a relief to see a tiny flicker of a heartbeat against a small grey smudge on the scan machine. All is going well for our second child so far. There was a humerous moment too when the nurse at the baby scanning unit nearly sent me back to my ward as I was obviously being delivered on my wheelchair to the wrong place - we don't scan men here!

A Whirlwind Week!

I write this post propped up in a hospital bed, hooked up to a drip and am typing away in the half-light of a distant sunrise, using up the data allowance on my mobile phone (and hoping that the predictive text doesn't get too annoying!).

On Wednesday last week I came in for a CT scan. The next few days carried on as normal as I felt fine in myself, no different to normal. Yesterday (Monday) the consultant phoned and asked me to be admitted to hospital straight away as the results of the scan indicated I need to start treatment immediately.

the C word

Ony having been diagnosed with cancer just over a week ago, I have been extremely blessed by all the encouragement and support I have received from family and friends all over the world. I really do appreciate and value it.

However, I have encountered a rather strange response from a couple of people. This response often omits the mention of my disease at all or is referred to in hushed tones as 'the C word'. It is almost as if they fear to speak its name. It's like referring to Voldemort in the Harry Potter stories as 'You know who' because if you say his name aloud, the embodiment of all evil would find you!

Dig Deeper: How to Cope With the Storms of Life

This is a video of a sermon I preached last week as I waited for my diagnosis. It is based on the parable of the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7.

I am learning a lot from God at the moment as I face this storm and I can see that God is at work in all things and can turn all things round for His glory.

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When things get even harder!

For those who follow this blog, you will know that 2016 has not been an easy year for my wife and I. From grief and tragedy to the highs of hope and joy - and crashing back down again. This seems to be the cycle of our lives right now and it's stuck on repeat!

Continuing in the vein of being open and honest with our lives and being open and vulnerable with those we lead in church, yesterday we let people know our latest news: My wife and I are expecting our second child, and I have just been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma (cancer). It is indeed bitter-sweet, but we know that through ALL things Jesus will be glorified and that he can turn ALL things for the good of those who love him.