A Whirlwind Week!

I write this post propped up in a hospital bed, hooked up to a drip and am typing away in the half-light of a distant sunrise, using up the data allowance on my mobile phone (and hoping that the predictive text doesn't get too annoying!).

On Wednesday last week I came in for a CT scan. The next few days carried on as normal as I felt fine in myself, no different to normal. Yesterday (Monday) the consultant phoned and asked me to be admitted to hospital straight away as the results of the scan indicated I need to start treatment immediately.

They found a large mass in my abdomen 14cm by 8cm that is pressing on one of my kidneys. I have already started a course of steroids that should start to shrink the tumors - wow talk about taking a box of tablets in one go! Main side effects so far are not being able to sleep much and going to the toilet loads! So not bad on the whole.

Today I will get a stent to try to save the kidney.

Wednesday is all about the kids! I must not loose sight of the fact that there are indeed two miracles in the making. Verity has her first scan on Wednesday. It is early due to the ectopic pregnancy we suffered in February. So we trust Wednesday will go well and we get to see our new child for the first time. Wednesday is also the day when I am due to bank some sperm in case we want another child in the future. The side effects of chemotherapy are not as mild as the steroids and there is a strong possibility of infetrility.

Thursday should be the day the chemo starts.

They expect me to be out of hospital sometime on Friday.

Treatment and chemo will then continue for several courses over the coming months.

Thanks for all your prayers and messages. God is in control. You may not be familiar with the old Hillsong song 'So Close'. It was going round in my head in the early hours last night:
So close I believe
You're holding me now
In your arms I belong
You'll never let me go



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us Matt. Another song that's been on my heart as I've prayed for you: In Jesus' Name, Darlene Zschech

    God us fighting for us
    Pushing back the darkness
    Lighting up the kingdom
    That cannot be shaken
    In the name of Jesus
    Enemy's defeated
    And we will shout it out
    Shout it out


    1. Thanks Jane, i will hvae to look it up on YouYube.

  2. Strong and beautiful words Matt.... God bless you x

    1. Thanks Marie. Hope you are holding up as end of term approaches?

  3. Life certainly takes some strange twists and turns , doesn't it? Weirdly I was saying to Anna and Verity on Saturday how I can sometimes spend ages worrying about something but then it doesn't happen, and yet something comes out of the blue and knocks me sideways! Thank God that I am not in control of what happens in my life as it is far too complicated, but also let's thank God that He is in control and nothing knocks Him off balance or catches Him by surprise. I too was awake part of the night, and the song on my heart was ' If faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move; We come with expectation, waiting here for you, waiting here for you' So I will be bringing it into my prayers for you and your family. The bit of scripture I have given to Violet today may also be for you and Verity as well:- 'I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living; Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!' Ps 27.

  4. Dear Matt,

    You are inspiring those around you and pointing us all to Jesus for which I (and I know others) thank you.

    I feel quite helpless to provide real support from over here in the U.S. However, I learned the power of prayer from my Grandmother, and so I am praying fervently - with my family, and with my mens group and my small group at church. And we will keep praying.

    I am thankful for your faith, and for your obvious love for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    Much love and prayer,

    1. Thanks for praying and for the support Grant. Love to the family.

  5. Hi Matt - I am so sorry to hear of this! And yet... I know that God is graciously working out His purposes for you. May His Spirit continue to work courage, faith and strength in you and I will be following #2miraclesinthemaking :)


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