Chemotherapy 2

My hand all hooked up to the drips

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Cycle 2

Yesterday I went for my second cycle of chemotherapy at the Macmillan Ward in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. They call each session a 'cycle' and then you count the days - day 1 being the day you go in to have all the drips and injections. So currently I am on Cycle 2 - Day 2.

Despite having another rather sleepless night before, this session of chemo went much better than the first - and quicker too. Two days previous to my chemo treatment I went in for a clinic where they took bloods, weighed and measured me. I also had a chat with the consultant who was to decide if I was fit enough to undergo the next cycle of chemo or not. He also explained that in two weeks time I am to go in to have another CT scan where they expect to see at least a 50% reduction to the mass in my abdomen that was giving them grave concerns. If it is reduced enough and I am responding to the current course of treatments, I will continue with them and complete my 6 cycles in total. If not, they will reassess and accelerate my treatment. I am hoping for option A.

My consultant decided I was fit enough for Cycle 2, so I went in and had that done yesterday.

Apart from a strange taste in my mouth at one point, which the nurse assured me was quite normal (she even went and got me a glass of fresh orange juice, bless her) everything went swimmingly. They added in an extra drip of anti-sickness at the end of all the drips and injections to help prevent another vomiting episode in the car on the way home and it worked! Anyway - I still have 50 sick bags that arrived through the post from Amazon dotted about just in case!

Today I have had high points and low points energy wise - I don't think the referendum result has anything to do with how I am feeling today - OK, well it might!

Despite having quite a bit of computer work to complete in order to meet a report writing deadline for school, I am trying to pace myself and have regular breaks. I am off to a family 'hog-roast' in Wokingham near London tomorrow so I don't want to burn myself out!

2 Miracles In The Making

Today I was back at the hospital. Yes Verity pushed me around in a wheelchair, but this time we were there for her - not me! It was our 12 week scan of the baby. 

We are pleased to report that everything is going well with the pregnancy and that the due date of our new bundle of joy is the 6th January.

It is always so good to see that little tiny heart beating. We were also treated to a few stretches and a rolling over episode. The scan picture we printed off was one where the legs are stretched out, like he/she is lying on a beach somewhere having a relaxing time! - I think it's going to be a feisty one!


Thanks to everyone for their continued support, prayers, messages of good will and cards. You really are being a great support. Thank you also to all those who read this blog and those who leave comments. It is a great way to keep you informed without me having to repeat myself 1000 times.

Thank you. I will post again soon.



  1. Well done Matt I am glad you got through #2 without a hitch. Do you have a metallic taste at all? I remember it well you may lose your taste buds which is annoying. Continue to stay well. God Bless you and verity xxx

  2. Matt, if you need any help with your reports; proof-reading or anything at all, feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to help.

    Glad the second assign went well. Hoping and praying for a good scan result.

  3. I volunteered to proof read and then didn't notice I'd said 'assign' rather than 'session'! A case of iPad knows best. Any proofreading would be on laptop rather than iPad!

  4. Matt sending you this message to say Thinking of you and Praying for continued healing for you and so glad you had the Joy of seeing your baby in the can progressing well. Much love Anne, Stan and family xxx


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