Song Spotlight: Sunshine

Here in the UK we are experiencing a delightful spot of summer sunshine - which brought this song to mind! This song has never before been released on my website or on Sound Cloud - so enjoy, share, comment and sing!

'Sunshine' is a great worship song to introduce to your church this summer. It is a celebration of salvation and is bursting full of lively energy and joy.

Have a listen to the rough demo below, and imagine a full band filling in the sound, or whatever musical composition your church has got. Then click here to download your free chord chart with lyrics - completely covered by CCLI agreements to make it legal for your church to use as long as you report your usage in your annual CCLI report.

Check out the lyrics underneath the Sound Cloud audio player.


CCLI Number: 4449487

You put the sunshine in my life
You put the spring back in my step
You painted all my dark skies bright

You broke the strongest of my chains
You turned my winter into flame
You painted all my dark skies bright

Now I see I am free
Now I see I am free

     Now I’m flying like the wind
     Never be the same again
     Now my every breath will be of You
     Now I’m burning like a flame
     Never be the same again
     Now my every dream will be of You
     Will be of You

Every breath, every step
Every way my heart will lean to You (repeat)

Written by Matt McChlery, Ryan Baker-Barnes
Copyright © 2004 Faithseed Music / One Thing Music. Adminsitered by Song Solutions CopyCare 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom. PRS. ASCAP.


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