Our Second Miracle

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know that in May last year (2016) we found out that my wife was pregnant again, after having an ectopic pregnancy in January, and in the same week we also had my diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

From that time the hashtag #2miraclesinthemaking was created - as we trusted God for him to bring about two miracles! My healing and restoration to health and that our precious baby would be born without complications.

We saw the realisation of the first miracle in November as I was now in full remission. Then the eager waiting started for our new arrival. It was just in time as I gained on strength and health and was able to do more around the home so, Verity, my wife, became increasingly less able to do things as she was now in late pregnancy and all the aches and pains increased.

Last Sunday the long expected moment came. Although a couple of days after the due date, Verity went into labour at 4am. By 8am we were asked to come in to hospital and by 9:30am our second child had arrived safe and sound. Welcome to the world, Lara!

A few tears were shed - I was there! I was still alive!

Lara means 'protected one' and encapsulates all our hopes and prayers for her during the pregnancy and indeed into her new little life.

Lara is truly a miracle. She was conceived at the last possible moment before my chemotherapy began, which may mean we can never have children again. God's timing is perfect. He is in control and I know I can trust Him - even if his answer is no. Thankfully this time was a yes!


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