Katrina Update

It's been a while since we shared about our belvoed daughter Katrina and the unexplained lumps we found.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the consultant at the hospital. She examined Katrina and found the lumps too. However she was not overly concerned as apparently children's bodies work differently to adults. Glands swell for a number of reasons and take time to subside. With Katrina having cold after cold and stomach bugs etc. it is possible that they are inflamed for that reason.

She did find it strange that they were inflamed not only in the neck region but also in the groin so further investigations are taking place.

Katrina was booked in for a comprehensive blood test that will be looking for several possibilities. This happened yesterday as we had to wait for an appointment in the children's hospital as the normal pathlab doesn't take blood from under 5s. She was very brave.

At the original appointment the doctor also detected a heart murmur. So there and then she had an ECG. The results of the ECG prompted the doctors to ask for an echocardiogram which happened today.

The result from the heart investigations is that she has an 'innocent heart murmor' which is completely normal for children her age and is nothing to worry about. Which is a relief.

We still await the blood test results.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


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