Solids, Liquids and Gases

On happened! The bone marrow injections that I had to take from Monday kicked in and the bone ache began. As in past experiences, it starts slowly in my lower back and spreads. There is a continual dull ache punctuated with moments of sharp pain that make me groan or cry out. So the painkillers were going down throughout the day.

Thankfully this only lasts for about 24 hours. So by Friday night the pain had subsided.

Warning: discussion of bodily functions ahead!

Side effects I have been suffering this week (well I have suffered them before but am only just brave enough to share them with you now) are to do with bodily functions.

All three states of matter have been affected by the treatment and medication in one way or another.

One side effect of the chemotherapy is that I get clogged up. My solids become very solid and can cause problems. The doctors anticipate this so prescribe constipation medication, Movicol. Unfortunately last week my Movicol ran out! This left me with a fischer and blood in my stool, as well as the uncomfortable feeling in my digestive system.

The Movicol has since been replenished, so things are 'moving' again. However a side effect of the Movicol is that it gives me gas. Not normal gas - but really unpleasant, pungent gas! (Sorry)

As my planned treatment process does not include an operation and no surgical removal of the tumour, the idea is to shrink and reduce them purely through chemical means via the medication. This means that for me to flush my body of all the toxic chemicals and all the toxins that are created when the tumours are broken down, they leave the body in the urine.

This requires me to drink. But drink litres and litres a day! Sometimes I think it would be easier to permanently attach a tap to my mouth! Drinking so much leads to a lot of toilet time! Almost every half and hour!  But it needs to be done as I have discovered that if I slack in the volume of my drinking the toxins build up and then causes stinging when I do go.

Forgive me for getting a little basic in this post, but I feel it is important to share even these more unpleasant aspects of the journey for you to get a better understanding and deeper insight.

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