Holiday Insurance for those with Cancer

Having been diagnosed with cancer in early 2016 and now have been living cancer-free for almost 2 years I am sure I am not alone in finding that getting holiday insurance cover is very expensive!

A few months ago my family and I went to the Isle of Man. Officially not part of Great Britan but still part of the UK and only a short ferry crossing away from mainland England we took the calculated risk of just insuing my wife and our two you daughters for this trip as it would cost as much as the holiday did to include me on the cover.

However, tomorrow we head for Italy for a week. I've never been to Italy before, so quite exciting.

But once again the question of travel insurance had to be faced.

Without question my wife and the girls would be covered as if they needed medical attention this is a priority. The 3 of them would cost £30 for the week.

Upon entering my details and declaring my medical history it pushed up the cost to £160. And this was oneof the cheaper quotes!

However, as we are going to Italy which is further away and more difficult to get back to the UK from, where they speak a language I don't understand, and the holiday cost us a lot - we decided to include me on the cover this time.

So weigh up the advantages, disadvantages and risks for yourself and make your own decision.

Use comparison websites and remember to apply additional filters to your quotes once you have them generated (you could save money!)

Happy holidays - and I hope they are not too expensive for you.


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