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What is the most boring job in the world?

After watching a documentary on TV last night about immigration, this lead to a discussion about all the boring jobs we had done. For me it is a close contest between working in a fashion department store and washing dishes in a restaurant - completely boring and mind- numbing!
So just a quick question for you: what is the most boring job you had ever done?

Sunday Setlist - 13 July 2014

Well church was good today. We only managed to sing 4 songs but God showed up and was obviously working in people's lives, which is what it's all about!
As we only sung 4 songs I won't tell you about those we did not do even though they were on the original list.
The band was a liftoff thin on the ground today, one acoustic guitar, keys and a clarinet. So we have the songs more of an acoustic treatment, avoiding to much rhythm which would sound weak without a solid bass or drum section to sit on top of.
The List: Our God ( Water You Turned Into Wine)
When I Survey (The Wondrous Cross)
Waiting Here For You
My Life's Ambition - available from
So what did you sing today?

Duet with Henry Olonga

I have just woken up after a very busy weekend! 3 days with 3 events, all of which I was very much involved in makes for a very tired body.

It was the annual Wisbech Rose Fair and my local church, The King's Church Wisbech was very much involved in the festivities. We ran a cafe, craft market, Stop The Traffik gift box (raising awareness about human trafficking) and our monthly 'After Hours Live' event was given an extra-special twist for the occasion.

Retired international test cricketer, Henry Olonga who is also a great singer as well as being a friend, came and entertained us with stories about his life as well as singing some amazing songs. The second half of the event was a question and answer session, where I asked Henry questions from the audience. Then we sung a duet of the moving 'Our Zimbabwe' - this was very special for me as I have always loved the song and having the chance to sing it with Henry was just fantastic!

We have many more amazing guests com…