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Song Spotlight: Saviour of the World

As we approach the season of celebration where we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, I thought I would share this song with you. It declares Jesus as saviour and reflects upon the Easter message of His death and resurrection and the freedom from sin and eternal life that this brings.

You can click here for a chord chart and audio sample that you can download for free to use in your church - all I ask is that you remember to include its use in you church's annual CCLI report.

For more Easter themed songs, please click here.

(Audio and lyrics below)

Saviour of the WorldCLI Number: 5855489 You took the weight of the world
Carried it to calvary
There sin was crucified 
With you upon that tree You triumphed over death
God’s power for all to see
You broke the gates of Hell
And you’re alive for eterinty You stepped down to save
You stepped down to save
You stepped down to rescue me
You stepped down to save      You are the saviour of the world
     You are the saviour of my heart
     You a…

Doughy Reflections

Last night, as I was preparing for the Bible teaching part of an all-age outreach service our church does once a month I decided to make some Matzah (traditional Jewish unlevened bread used to celebrate the Passover). The service is called Messy Church and a Bible theme is explored through art and craft, and sometimes sport. I aim to make the teaching time as interactive as possible and visual aids are always a good idea!
This month we are learning about Communion / The Last Supper and that it began when Jesus and his disciples were celebrating Passover together just before Jesus died.
I am going to explain the significance and symbolism of the bread and wine, being a sign or a symbol of Jesus' body and his blood that he gave for us. He died so that we can know God; so that we can be saved! Yes, it is going to be an evangelistic teaching about Communion.
So last night, as I searched the internet together a recipe to make this exotic, special bread I was surprised to discover that…

Valentines Day Worship Song Setlist

This Sunday is quite unique in that it falls on Valentines Day itself. Not that I'm a hopeless romantic or anything, but I thought I would reflect this fact in the song choices for Sunday morning's worship song setlist.

Something different and a bit special is that I have decided to take a bit of a risk and play a secular song! But I have added a Christian twist at the end, and I will introduce it as a love song that one could imagine Jesus singing over us. I will also sing it as a 'special' after the notices, so will not have to worry about flow and linking it in with the other choruses.

However, I also wanted to avoid some worship choruses that are a bit like 'Jesus is my boyfriend' in style.

The Setlist: Your Love is Amazing (Hallelujah) - Brenton Brown
Emmanuel - Matt McChleryClick here for song
Lord I Need You - Passion

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Speak O Lord - Townend and Getty
Our Father - Matt McChleryClick here for song

Weathering the Storm

As you may be able to tell from previous posts (and the lack of regularity than I normally post) life is hard at present. My family and I are clearly under spiritual attack at the moment. I will not go into all the details, but let us say that many big, significant things have gone wrong and continue to do so. Pressures are increased dramatically in all spheres of life - enough to push one to breaking point and it seems that there is no escape.

However, God is still very much in the picture. There is good news punctuating the bad. Light is breaking through the darkness from time to time that lets us know that God is still in control and that He will work things for our good according to His will.

The reason I am writing this blog is not to moan or complain. It is to give hope to those who are in a similar position.

My father-in-law gave me some sound advice recently. He said that when we are under attack, God is allowing it so that we draw closer to him. The danger is, we so often re…