The mystery blood test

In my last post I told you about the discomfort in my side / lower back they the doctors had been investigating before giving me my penultimate top-up maintenance treatment.

Well shortly before seeing the consultant who gave me that good news, I received a mysterious automated text message on my phone from my GP surgery. It asked me to pick up some blood test forms and get some blood tests done.

I knew I had just had a CT scan to see what was going on with the discomfort in my side but there was no mention of further blood tests - it was a mystery. Nevertheless, not wanting to go to get my treatment but it being delayed due to me not having the extra blood test, I went ahead and had it done. Then 2 days later had my other regular blood test as usual.

The doctor was pleased by the CT scan and my treatment went ahead.

Treatment day

My common problem with the cannula did not occur this time. I was sure to drink plenty of water before hand and a lovely Zimbabwean nurse put the cannula in - quickly and painlessly. We also had a good chat about Zimbabwe.

The mystery continues

A couple of days after my treatment I had a mysterious missed call from the GP and yet another automated text message asking me to collect more blood test forms!

After phoning and arranging a follow up phone call appointment with the doctor that was later changed to a face to face meeting, I have finally discovered what I going on...

The mystery blood test was inconclusive so I need another set done. They saw some markers to say my liver (or was it kidney - I can't remember) were slightly elevated so they wanted to see if this had changed. They also said that I might have high cholesterol so they are testing for this too.

Mystery solved.

I will get this round of blood tests done on Tuesday and then will wait for results.


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