Temperature Spikes and Itchy Feet

I find myself awake in the small hours desperately searching for something to distract me from my terribly itchy feet! Wow, they are itchy. It's like they are hot with itchiness, but the more you scratch the worse it gets. Temporary relief may be a small consolation but not itching at all is a better long-term strategy. So you're stuck with me writing another blog post on order to distract myself long enough for the Piriton the nurse has just given me to take effect.

Many of you saw my post on Facebook on Wednesday saying that I was having a grim day. Feeling lethargic and just generally blah! I did absolutely nothing all day except sit in a chair and watch TV. My temperature spiked to 38°C around 6pm, so as instructed I phoned the cancer ward hotline. They asked me to come straight in to hospital and had already arranged a bed for me so that I could bypass A&E.

Mum and Dad kindly took me in as my wife and daughter were already staying away from home on order to try to minimise my infection risk.

They have been very good here in hospital. I have had a chest X-ray, swabs, anti biotics and anti viral in order to try to turn whatever infection it is I may have (they are still not certain what it is). My temperature has stabilised over the last day, although my feet and buttocks are inflamed and itching like mad. Wether this is a side effect of one of the medicines or if it is being caused by the infection is still to be determined.

Doctors say I may be out on Friday or possibly Saturday.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.



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