Speeches, Reading Books and Four Hundred Miles

The last couple of days has seen me getting back to doing a few things I was doing before I got ill - a couple of milestones alomg my road to recovery.

On Monday I drove up to Blackburn to give an after dinner speech at the FGB (Full Gospel Businessmen) chapter there. I shared my testimony about the events of 2016 as chronicled here in this blog - living with faith and cancer and how God has been and continues to work in and through my life.

I stayed the night with my brother-in-law and fiance who live in Manchester and made my way back home on Tuesday morning. It was cold with foggy patches. This makes the windscreen get very dirty and I ran out of screen wash on my journey home. Luckily I was only a couple of miles away from the next services, so was able to sort it out!

At the end of my round trip of just over 400 miles, I started back at school for three hours on Tuesday afternoon to begin my phased return.

It went well. I am helping with the Year 3 class as they are the largest in the school and need the extra pair of hands. I mostly listened to the children read their reading books and sign their reading records as well as entering their spelling test results.

Then it was time to head home for a good rest.

Thanks for everyone's good wishes and prayers as I start back at work again.


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