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Sunday Setlist - 24th June 2012

In church at the moment we are looking at the book of 1 Thessalonians. This week dealt with the end of chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3. When preparing the setlist my thoughts were focused on the trials and struggles that the church in Thessalonica were facing, and how they had to struggle against the culture around them to live a life for Jesus. However, the preaching took a different approach and focused more on the importance of fellowship. How living our Christian lives togeter with others is very important for strength and growth, and how being part of a church helps to facilitate this.

I initially thought that the songs would not really fit very well, but in the end they did. We need to support and strengthen each other during trials and tempatations. The two themes came together quite well.

So here's the list:

1. Strength Will Rise (Everlasting God) - Brenton Brown
2. The Desert Song - Brooke Fraser (Hillsong)
3. Lord, I Need You - Daniel Carson , Kristian Stanfill , Ch…

Sunday Setlist - 2nd June 2012 (Baptisms)

Last Sunday we had a very exciting service! 5 people from our church were baptised. So there was more going on and more things to set up than usual for the various Teams.

In preparation for the songs on Sunday I was asked to prepare 'up beat testimony-type songs'. This freaked me out first of all - up beat is fine, but what is a 'testimony' song? I had a few discussions about this and here is the set list I came up with:

The List:
1. Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)- Brenton Brown
2. When I Call On Your Name (I've Found A Love)- Ben Cantelon
3. I Will Worship (I Will give you all my worship) - David Ruis
4.Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) - Chris Tomlin, Loui Giglio, John Newton et al
5. The Cost (I'm Saying Yes To You) - Rend Collective
6. Your Love Is Amazing (Hallelujah)- Brenton Brown

In Reserve
7. Salvation Belongs to our God- Adrian Howard & Pat Turner
8. There's A Place Where The streets shine - Paul Oakley

I guess I decided a 'testimony' song…

After Hours Live

I had a fantastic time playing at After Hours Live in Wisbech on Friday night. The venue of Octavia's Cafe was extremely friendly and comfortable and the audience was very receptive. I also had fun preparing for this event - being an outreach event which introduces the concept of faith and Jesus in a relaxed and non-treatening way as well as being a good night of fun and entertainment. o my set list stretched me a little, moving me to some less familiar ground of secular songs such as U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For', Coldplay's 'Yellow' and Oasis' 'Wonderwall'. I particularly enjoyed singing David Grey's 'Cannonball' - a real songwriters song that uses words and play on words so cleverly and effortlessly.

I also rediscovered some older songs of mine that I enjoyed singing again - some of them had their first outing in public on Friday! 'Questioning' was written from the point of view of someone who …