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Song Spotlight: Humble Heart

This song was birthed some years ago now. It all began when I was keeping an ear open to hear songs that tried to deal with themes that help to express our Christian walk in different and unique ways. Brenton Brown's song 'Humble King', that I first heard on the ground-breaking Vineyard album 'Hungry' in 2001, did just that.

Here was a worship song describing a characteristic of Jesus that is not often dealt with in modern songwriting - humility.

This got me thinking. If humility is a characteristic of Jesus, and as followers of Jesus, we too should be seeking the same humility that Jesus has. I did not want to copy Brenton Brown's song, but it proved to be a catalyst in me writing a song on a similar theme. During the writing process it was very important for me to keep the focus of the song on Jesus, keeping Him central to the theme and the lyric, even though the song talks about our own humility and comparing it to Christ's.

It took quite a few years be…

Sunday Setlist - 20th January 2013

Ok, so on Sunday I was leading the sung element of the worship service, while Jane Gathercole (who is another gifted Worship Leader here at The King's Church, Wisbech) lead the rest of the service for the first time! It was great working with Jane in this new way. She was very sensitive to the Spirit and happy for God to turn up and do His stuff, even if it meant being a bit flexible and going with the flow - great job, Jane!

The sermon was the next installment in our series on the life of David. Here we looked at his relationship with Saul as well as comparing and contrasting David's life, attitude and anointing as compared to Saul's.

The theme was a little tricky to find songs to match up with in a literal and exact way. However the songs chosen did fit with other elements of the service: testimonies, prophetic words etc. that people brought to our worship gathering.

This  List: Your Love is Amazing - Brenton Brown and Brian Doerksen (Vineyard) When I Call on Your Name (…

Religion in the 'Life of Pi' movie

Last night my sister, wife and I went along to our local cinema, The Luxe Cinema, which is a small independant cinema in Wisbech complete with a plush bar and comfy leather sofas (a fantastic cinema experience) to watch 'Life of Pi'. The Film Having not read the book which this film is based on I was taken by surprise by the strong theme of religion that runs throughout the story. Pi is searching for meaning in his life and is searching for God as well as having a fantistical survival journey to live through. Pi ends up with a whole mixture of religions in his life including Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Indeed, Pi calls upon God during his struggle for survival, he prays and truly believes God is there - although he believes there are many paths that all lead to God, so he believes following any religion is ok. Pi's father brings some wisdom early in the film. He does not agree with religion and warns Pi that he should stay away from religion because religion is dark…

'The Me I Want To Be' - Part 5

This is the fifth installment in a series of blogs I am writing about very helpful book I am reading called 'The Me I Want To Be' by John Ortberg. I write each blog after reading a 'part' of the book - usually a collection of three or four chapters or so. It focuses on a few points I have found particularly useful or thought provoking. Now I have just completed 'Part Five' I am well over half way. So here it is: Part Five: Deepening My Relationships  To help us grow more in our spiritual lives, Ortberg stresses the importance of prayer, but prayer that flows out of time spent alone with God in whatever way that works/looks like for you. He points out  that we each need to find that special place where we can just be alone with God be it on a park bench, in the library or jogging. There is a special part of us so deep inside that only God has access to so pray about your deep concerns, whatever they are (even if they don't seem 'spiritual' - eg. th…