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Qualities of a Church Sound Operator

Qualifications for Being a Church Sound Operator
Taken from ‘The Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook’ by Bill Gibson
I have been reading a book all about church sound written by Paul Baloche’s sound guy ‘Bill Gibson’ (title and info mentioned above). As well as dealing with technical and practical things such as: how to mic up certain instruments; how to do a sound check; system configuration and layout etc. etc. He also deals with the theory of sound and the character of the church sound operator.
So here I will include parts from the chapter about ‘Characteristics of a Sound Operator’ as I believe these will help us all to grow and develop individually as well as understand our role within the church context more fully.
He lists a whole set of characteristics that are important for a church sound operator to have present in their life and attitude (or at the very least, to be working towards) and then expands upon each point. I will mention his list here, but will only copy down t…

Sunday Setlist - 19th May 2013

So today is Pentecost - The Sunday when many churches remember and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit when it was given to Jesus' disciples. We can read about it in the first couple of chapters in the book of Acts.

Although the focus of today's message was not specifically on the giving of the Holy Spirit to the church, we focused in on one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit - prophecy. Begining our new sermon series entitled 'Jesus is the best . . .' today we looked at 'Jesus is the best prophet'. The teaching is centred around Hebrews.

So my song choice tried to centre around the idea of prophecy. Some songs like 'Days of Elijah' mention prophets and prophecy, others contain a prophetic edge to them and give space for spontaneous worship where you can sit back and give space for the Holy Spirit to show up and do His stuff. 'Build Your Kingdom Here' was selected because this has become quite a timely prophetic declaration for our church into o…

Worship v. Performance

Watch the video first (keep your eye on the drummer!), then read the blog below.

This video is doing the rounds at the moment. A friend sent it to me on Facebook and jokingly asked if we could have the drummer come and play at our church. I said that I would have to write a blog in response to that question - so here it is!

Ok - so the video above was not recorded in a church. Neither is it a recording of a worship song. However I do think as well as appreciating the humour it contains, we (as people involved in worship music in churches) can still ask some important questions about worship and performance.

Is worship performance? Worship itself - being an expression of living our entire lives for Jesus - is not performance. We live our lives set appart for Jesus. Our reward is His pleasure, not trying to prove we are 'better' than others around us. Within this broad definition of 'worship' as a lifestyle it is easier to separate our acts of worship from performance. H…