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Beautiful Life - New Song

'Beautiful Life' is my new, exciting song. I was inspired to write it for the Crossing Songs songwriting competition in the 'songs for mission' category. Songs tin this category need to be uplifting, easliy singable, catchy and easily understood by someone who has never been to church before.

After giving it some thought and prayer, I sat down and wrote 'Beautiful Life' which I believe fits into the category very nicely.

However, I need your help!

I need as many people as possible to go to the Crossing Songs website (click here) and 'vote' for my song by clicking 'Like This Song'. Although this won't ultimately determine the winner, it will help the judges to notice the song and they will take the number of votes into their consideration when deciding upon the winner. Your vote or 'like' could make all the difference!

As with other songs-of-the-month you are also able to listen to the demo of the song on the Crossing Songs website …

Are Modern Worship Songs Boring?

This video has been doing the rounds on Facebook recently. It is very funny, but is also sadly true in many cases. It is a parody that I believe makes some serious points (some of which Worship Music songwirters may find uncomfortable). But there are times when we need to be given a bit of a wake-up call. Has worship music become so formulaic and pretictable that it has become boring? Are we sacrificing content and creativity in order for the songs we write to 'fit' the mould?  I feel especially with the lyrics that common stock phrases are used again and again in numerous worship songs that it is sometimes difficult to tell them appart. Melodically, I also feel as a songwriter that there is a danger of getting stuck in the rut of my favourite chord progression, which in turn means the meoldy will be limited in the possible variations it can make on a theme. I am personally trying to explore different sounds, more on a personal level at this stage before bringing them into th…

Sunday Setlist - 3rd February 2013

Today was Jackie Nurney's first time preaching - following the prompting of the Holy Spirit to be obedient and to be brave and get on and 'just do it'. So good to see the church responding to the vision being cast by the leaders - use the spiritual gifts given to you; we are all the church - not just the 'pastor'.

It was a good service with lots of substance and things to think about. As far as the structure goes, things were a kittke different in that we had a couple of songs eariler on in the meeting followed by the sermon. Then communion and a longer time of singing was set aside after the sermon to invite a response. It worked well.

It was also great to introduce a home-grown song 'Perfect Love' that worked very well and was easily picked up by the congregation - a keeper I think!

The List: All the earth will song your praises - Paul Baloche Jesus Your Are Mercy - Brenton Brown Lord I Need You - Daniel Carson , …