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All-New Website Worship Resource

So I have spent the last few months completely rebuilding my website . It has a whole host of features including free chord charts and free lead sheets (pdf) for a lot of my worship songs. There are also audio samples if the songs so you can hear how they go. Please use them in your church and if you have signed up to CCLI, remember to report your usage every year.

If you really like what you hear, you can buy CDs, MP3s. There is also my book about Worship Songwriting called 'Songcraft' that is also available.

Check out photos, videos and upcoming events!

There is so much for you to enjoy and use to help resource you as a worshipper / worship leader and a lot of free stuff too, so check it out today!

What Can We Learn From The Atheist Church?

I had heard a few discussions about an atheist church starting up in London earlier on this year in the background on a breakfast TV show while I was in the kitchen making breakfast one morning. It was not until the July issue of 'Christianity' magazine that I really heard about it in more detail and began to think about the implications of such a thing upon our society as well as upon the Christian faith.

So, yes. . . it is true. There is an atheist church alive and well in London and is looking to spread its message of community, happiness and godlessness to other cities around the UK as well as around the world. The Sunday Congregation began in January 2013 and is growing fast! Lead by two stand-up comics the structure of the service looks familiar to many church-goers: uplifting songs lead by a lively band (Girls Just Want To Have fun; You Can Go Your Own Way); a talk on a subject (such as 'wonder' or 'play'), a sense of community and a mice cup of tea aft…

Mike Rimmer - excellent advice: how to submit music to the media

I first met Mike Rimmer some years ago shortly after dipping my young and naive toe into the Christian Music world in the UK when releasing my debut album 'FLY'. Back then he was working for another Christian music radio station called Cross Rhythms. He graciously invited me to come for an interview on live radio - my first in the UK! It was great to meet him and we had a fun time doing the interview - giving away a few CDs as prizes as well as me singing a song or two 'live' on the radio.

I must say, Mike really does know a thing or two about the Christian Music industry. He now works for United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) and currently DJs the UCB Drive show on weekdays from 4-7pm and is also on air on Saturday evenings 6pm until midnight.

Last night I came across a fantastic blog that Mike wrote about how up-and-coming 'grassroots' Christian musicians and bands should go about submitting their material to the media - for radio airplay or whatever! Based on…

Interview by WorshipLinks

Popular website WorshipLinks that focuses on anything and everything to do with worship music - especially the leading of worship through music in local churches - gave me an interview recently.

It was great! Why don't you check it out, leave a comment, etc. While you are there, have a look around. There are some really useful and insightful articles!