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Sunday Setlist - 30.08.2015

So things worked out a little differently this week. Due to a number of factors I ended up leading worship on my own without a band. However even though it was just me with an acoustic guitar, Good showed up and out went well.

Here what we sang - quite a of mix of songs from different decades I think.
The List: Our God Saves - Brenton Brown & Paul Baloche All Creatures of Our God and King - (Crowder version) Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) - Bethel Music Speak O Lord - Keith Getty There is power in the name of Jesus - Noel Richards

What did you sing today? Share your setlist below.

Song Spotlight: Jesus, Hope For The Nations

Last week I received my royalty statement. I do find it fascinating the journey some songs take - far beyond my imaginings. In the report it itemises which countries have reported use of your song in various ways, such as singing, recording, words displayed etc.

It is also interesting to see which songs people have chosen to sing. Quite often those I think are great do not have much 'airplay' whilst others have taken off that I would have never expected! Today's song spotlight is on one of these songs.

'Jesus Hope For The Nations' was written some years back whilst I was on holiday on the small island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. A relative of mine had lent me his Apple Mac computer and I was experimenting with 'Garage Band' and came up with the song. I suppose my trip to the island had instilled a vision and heart-cry for the nations. Also having recently left the turbulent situation in my native country Zimbabwe, a cry for the nations was beating in…

Leaders and Relationships

A church-planting mentor and friend of mine, now based in Berlin recommended  'Keep Your Love On' by Danny Silk as an amazing book for leaders (and absolutely any one else involved in a relationship of any kind for that matter) to read. A few clicks later and the postman had dropped the book on my doormat.

'Keep Your Love On' (KYLO) certainly delivered. A well balanced mix of common sense and sound revelation built on years of experience gives a solid bedrock of relationship advice that can be applied to any situation. I was amazed by the simplicity and wisdom of some of the advice as well as being able to see how it may all work in practice.

As with any book like this that provides a lot of theory (although there are practical examples included too) reading and understanding it is the easy part. Putting it into practise in real life is the challenge! However, it is possible to do so. I have already used some of the ideas and processes in a few of my relationships and…

Strange Smells

It was a couple of weeks ago while on holiday with some family and friends I so happened to overhear a conversation. It went something like this:
"Last night there was a funny smell in our room"
"No, not that kind of smell! It smelt like fish"
"That's strange"
"So I told Sue about it and she asked if I had checked the electrical things in our room as an old type of plastic (Bakelight) can smell like fish when it is burning. So I checked the light fitting and sure enough it was a little melted on one side. So don't use the light in that room until it is fixed"
Well, this was an answer to a question my wife and I had been searching for for years! You see, every now and then a funny smell occurs in the cupboard under our staircase. It smells like fish. We have searched high and low for the source of the smell. We have emptied the cupboard a few times looking for the dead creature that may be causing the smell. We had searched for …