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Black Friday: a dark day indeed!

As I woke up this morning and turned on the TV news, I was confronted by reports of police being called out to shopping centres and images of people all fighting and clambering to grab the latest 'bargain'. The news was trying to put the spin on the story that people were being money wise and shopping for bargains and of course those in the retail industry who were being interviewed were all in favour of this shopping frenzy - you could almost see the pound signs glowing in their eyes!

Now I have no problem with money, shopping or even spending your money wisely, In fact I do all three. However how you do it is just as important. The deals available on Black Friday are quite limited - say only 50 large screen TVs available in the store at the bargain price etc. When you queue outside the shop for hours in the horrendous weather waiting for midnight when the doors are flung open. Then you, along with the rest of the several hundred people who have been waiting, push and barge …

Need your song transcribed into sheet music?

I have just had some work done for me by music arranger and typesetter David Ball. He has a very impressive client list including:

Survivor / New Wine songbook (2014)The Worship 3 songbook (2013)Various Spring Harvest / Elevation songbooksWarner ChappellRoutledgeLou Fellingham - Fascinate albumGraham KendrickKensington Temple - More Than Enough albumOslo Gospel ChoirLincoln BrewsterNew WineWorship Central - Set Apart album He did a great job within a good space of time. He is also reasonably priced too.
Check out his website and contact him for more info.

Cross Rhythms Interview

I am thrilled to let you all know about an interview I had with the legendary Tony Cummings from Cross Rhythms. We bumped into each other at KingsStock music festival in the summer and ended up doing an in depth interview that covered pretty much my whole Christian life, history, journey and heart for worship and ministry.

Check it out now! Read the full article on their website and leave some feedback.