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Sunday Setlist - 21 October 2012

This week’s service went very well in my opinion. I had not been briefed as to the content of the sermon beforehand. I just love it when the Holy Spirit is clearly at work and weaves everyone’s story together during the course of the service.Even the songs and the order in which they were sung fitted perfectly with the various testimonies and contributions people had brought. We learnt a new song ‘Our God’ (Water You Turned Into Wine) which we declared prophetically over our church situation with uncertainties over council’s decisions as to the community centre we use for our meetings, as well as over people’s individual lives, one who has just been diagnosed with cancer, for example; ‘Our God is healer, awesome in power’; ‘And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us’.
This then lead into the sermon which was about changes that are going to be happening with the church. The church leaders are wanting to create the space and opportunity for people to grow in their ministry and…

My Experiences of the Christian New Media Conference 2012

Picture by Matt McChlery (Creative Commons Copyright, Non-Commercial)
The Journey Waking up at 5:30am on a chilly and foggy Autumn morning is not usually my idea of fun. But yesterday I was on a digital mission! I was on my way to the Christian New Media Conference 2012 - my first time!
Having begun writing this blog with a little more intent earlier this year, as well as running my own website for my songwriting and music, and also my church's site, I thought it was about time I sought out some teaching from like-minded people to check I'm on the right track, or not!

Picture by Matt McChlery (Creative Commons Copyright, Non-Commercial)
So with meatloaf sandwiches and my smartphone packed, I set off to Peterborough station. I just made it onto the train with only three minutes to spare so was unable to get that Starbucks on platform 2 that had been on my mind during the drive. I fell asleep on the train a few times but eventually arrived at King's Cross Station in London. T…

What if God worked at Starbucks?

Picture by Matt McChlery (Creative Commons Copyright, Non-Commercial)
I saw this advert at Starbucks a week ago and knew there was a blog in there somewhere just waiting to jump out - although I didn't know what. But now I've got it!

Tweaks Let's begin by making a few 'tweaks' to the advert's message:

I promise perfection. After all, it's your life. That's why I've put my name on you and promise that I will make you perfect - like me. If not, I will make you again until you are. God - the Barista If God was a barista working at my local Starbucks I think he would appreciate the re-worded version of the advert above. When we invite God into our lives, He is not satisfied to leave us as we are - in our sin. He rolls up his sleeves and gets to work deep within who we are, in our heart, spirit and lives. He brings about change and transformation. Moving us from where we are to where He wants us to be. Changing us from who we are to who He has made us to …

Sunday Setlist - 7th October 2012

Church went well today - We examined the book of Ruth, that Boaz's generosity towards her is like Jesus' generosity towards us. It was good seeing this book from a slightly different perspective. There is always something more to learn!

The songs I chose this week complimented the sermon quite well - the songs focusing more on the awesome majesty and amazingness of God: His faithfulness and worthiness (as reflected in Ruth's story).

A few months ago I blogged about rediscovering slience in worship. I have lead the singing element of the service since then with trying to incoroprate moments of 'selah' (pause and consider the goodness of God) as well as silence as all part of the collective worship experience. The first few times of trying it, the congregation who are so used to 'moving on to the next thing' did not stay or dwell in the silence. So I have been a bit more intentional about it and now give a word of encouragement such as: 'let us pause and…

National Day of Prayer & Worship - Wembley Stadium 2012


I was thrilled to be part of the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley Staduim last weekend. For one thing it meant I got to go to Wembley! Which was an added bonus, but most importantly it was a fantastic time of UNITY - the National church was there, 40 000 of us, with one common purpose: to pray and to worship God! The walls of doctrine and prefered minstry styles were stripped away and we all jumped in together: CHURCH as it should be - the CHURCH as I've never seen it before! My spirit just kept saying 'Yes! This is how is how it should be!' Not necessarily in a staduim of on such a massive scale (although that part was fun!) but THE church, TOGETHER! God's church. There were many testimonies of things God had done during last Saturday just from within the min-bus load of people from our church who made the journey to Wembely for the day - I can only imagine what 40 000 other Christians had to say, how many things God had brithed, how many flames were …