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Chemotherapy 5

On Thursday I had my fifth session of Chemotherapy. This leaves me with just one more to go! After my sixth cycle in September I have another scan booked so the doctors can assess how the treatment has gone and if my treatment can end for the time being.

Bad Blood

Today I had my consultant appointment.

Apart from general and expected side effects I am doing well. However my white blood cell count is down. This means that I have to take two of those bone marrow injections that I hate in the run up to me having my fifth chemo treatment on Thursday. As it is only 2 injections, I shouldn't experience the pain that comes after 4 successive ones.

Chemotherapy 4

I had my fourth chemotherapy session on Thursday. It was by far the worst one yet! Everything went according to plan, there were no complications or adverse effects. But this time I was not in a good place mentally.