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Structure in Worship: Good or Bad?

A couple of years ago during a joint Christmas service with a group of other church denominations in my town, the minister who was leading the service did something radical, and completely unacceptable - he read a prayer!

Song Spotlight: Lord Have Mercy

As we enter this time of Lent I decided that this month's Song Spotlight should focus around the theme of repentance. (Click 'Read More' to have a listen)

'Lord Have Mercy' is based around a section in the Book of Common Prayer in the Eucharist (communion) service that I got to memorize over the years while attending an Anglican boarding school in Zimbabwe.

One of the things I like to do when writing modern worship songs is to find a thematic gap, then write a song in order to fill it. There are not many modern worship songs about repentance. I suppose it is not a very comfortable topic, but is nevertheless an important one.

This song can be used at any time of year; during a communion service; during personal devotions or a time of reflection.

Click below to listen to ' Lord Have Mercy' and click here to download the lyrics and chord chart for free!

I would love to hear what you think of the song, so please do come back and add your comments below.


My Experience at the Engage Worship day conference 2015

I have known of Engage Worship for a few years now, I have even used some of their fabulous free resources on their website as part of a service or two. However I had never ventured forth to one of their events . . .until now!