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Setlist for New Year Worship

The church I attend often has a New Year celebration of some sort, often on the night itself with some musical input into the worship as as whole. However this year they have decided not to have this event so I am planning for my songs on Sunday, which is only a few days after New Year's Eve, to reflect the hope and trust for the future that I would have included in our New Year worship celebrations.

Here is the list: Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective
Blessed Assurace - Fanny Crosby
King of Wonders - Matt Redman, Martin Smith etc.
You Make Me Brave - Bethel Worship
Raise Up, Raise Up The Standard - Godfrey Birtill
Jesus, All For Jesus - Robin Mark
In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend, Keith Getty

So what are you  / did you sing as you welcomed the New Year in? I would love to hear - please leave your comments in the section below.

I pray you have a blessed 2015!

Integrity & Authenticity: Mind Your Language

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A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference in London. I love the heart and mission of the organisation who were hosting the event and I also rate highly some of the worship leaders who were on the platform. The whole conference was spirit-filled and inspirational and there were even free giant Danish pastries with the coffee!

But there was one element that grated, that made me sit up a little straighter and think ‘No. They’ve missed it here’. It was a small thing – as these things often are. It was the language they were using around the concept of ‘worship’. We were invited to join in the time of ‘worship’ which basically equated to singing. We were also invited to follow the lead worshippers as they worshipped. It felt almost as if they were doing so on our behalf – or as if our worship was somehow not a good or as worthy as theirs.

Let us first of all define what worship is – or should be. Singing is part of wor…