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Sunday Setlist: 17.11.13

In preparation for Sunday's service, I was asked to choose songs that reflected the fact that without God we can do nothing. First I thought this would be a little challenging, but when I started thinking about it and began to look through our church's song database, there were lots of possibilities that came up.

The structure of the sermon changed unexpectedly - after the first song, Mike decided it was time to preach in response to what was sung. This worked really well because after the sermon, people were ready to respond to the word through singing. It was amazing how as we sung and worshipped and as people received words from God or shared what was going on in their lives, song after song just dove-tailed in so well, reflecting the theme or sentiment as the service flowed. It was a great service where the songs served to enhance what the Spirit was doing and wanting to say.

The List
Strength Will Rise - Brenton Brown God In My Living (Everything) - Tim Hughes This is the ai…

My experiences at the Christain New Media Conference 2013

I can't believe it was a whole year ago since I was at the Christian New Media Conference in London. It was good to be back for my second year and in a new, much larger venue - this time I had brought a computer-mad friend!

Premier Media did another great job and the organisation of this years conference was excellent! The programme was jam-packed with some top-class speakers including the Bishop of London: Rt Rev Richard Charles, Katherine Welby, Kate Bottley, John Drane, Rachael Barach (General Manager of, Richard Littledale, Sheridan Voysey and many more!

For me, this conference continues to increase in its importance as the church rises up to meet the challenge of engaging with our world, speaking the language of our world through the ever growing and changing medium of technology. The very fact that Christians who are skilled in new media technologies get together to share and encourage each other, helping each other to do better, go further and make a bigg…