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Leadership and Legacy

As the Rio Olympics draw closer with the opening ceremony happening next week, here in the UK there has been quite a lot of focus in the press this week on the legacy of the 2012 Olympics that were held in London. Indeed a big part of the Olympic bid for the 2012 Games was based upon the legacy it would leave behind after they had ended. Different TV programmes have been aired exploring what effect the 2012 Olympics have had in encouraging people in the UK to engage more with sport - they show varying levels of success.

As a result, I have been thinking about the legacy we leave as leaders.

Solids, Liquids and Gases

On happened! The bone marrow injections that I had to take from Monday kicked in and the bone ache began. As in past experiences, it starts slowly in my lower back and spreads. There is a continual dull ache punctuated with moments of sharp pain that make me groan or cry out. So the painkillers were going down throughout the day.

Thankfully this only lasts for about 24 hours. So by Friday night the pain had subsided.

Song Spotlight: Sunshine

Here in the UK we are experiencing a delightful spot of summer sunshine - which brought this song to mind! This song has never before been released on my website or on Sound Cloud - so enjoy, share, comment and sing!

Chemotherapy 3

Thursday saw me reach the half-way point of my chemotherapy treatments. I had my third cycle of chemo, thankfully on the same R-CHOP regimen that I have had previously as there was just enough progress in the reduction of my tumours for me to continue without the need to step up the treatment to something  more aggressive.

Metaphorical Mountain Climbing

The past week or so has been a good one health-wise. Energy levels have been up and I have been feeling more like my normal self.

Tuesday last week saw me at the hospital in the morning having my CT scan so the doctors could monitor the progress of my treatment. Then at school in the afternoon as a 'guest' at our end of year speech day.

Thank you to all who ran!

I returned to school on Wednesday evening to cheer on the parents, pupils and friends of Wisbech Grammar School and Magdalene House Prep School as they took part in 'Race At Your Place' for Cancer Research UK.