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Hairy McChlery?

It has finally happened! My hair has begun to fall out - not in the way I expected it to - in clumps and from different sections. Not all together and not all at once.

Chemotherapy 2

For those of you just joining this blog - welcome!
I talk about life, faith and living with cancer (I also talk about worship leading and songwriting but that has taken a bit of a back seat for now for obvious reasons).

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Trust in Trouble

I will take this opportunity to give you all an update on my condition and the happenings of this week as well as a thought I have been pondering.

My week began with me being very pleased I had been let out of hospital on Saturday after spending a few days in there for an infection. I was still quite fragile on Sunday and very low on energy so I did not go to church. I managed to type a few reports (still got these to do for school before term ends!).

Temperature Spikes and Itchy Feet

I find myself awake in the small hours desperately searching for something to distract me from my terribly itchy feet! Wow, they are itchy. It's like they are hot with itchiness, but the more you scratch the worse it gets. Temporary relief may be a small consolation but not itching at all is a better long-term strategy. So you're stuck with me writing another blog post on order to distract myself long enough for the Piriton the nurse has just given me to take effect.

Prevention Mode

My 2 year old daughter woke up with a streaming nose this morning. Quite unexpectedly, but we have come to learn this is normal for infants. Otherwise she has been her normal, cheeky self - playing in the sunshine and paddling pool, making imaginary cups of tea with her plastic tea set on the lawn. A lovely day.

Thank You Jess!

Thank you so much to our friend Jess who ran for me / us this morning at Cancer Research's 'Race For Life' held at Burghley House, Stamford.
Your support means so much. Than you Jess! 


Chemotherapy 1

The Adventure continues!

Yesterday was my first session of six chemotherapies. Each session is going to be separated by 3 week intervals (and this is if everything goes well).

Being my first one, I had to be in all day as they spaced things out and gave it to me slowly so that they can monitor everything and watch for any bad reactions. My day bag was packed with pre-loaded BBC programmes on the iplayer, the new Kingsgate worship album my sister had given me the day before was on my ipod. I also took a couple of books and a puzzler - as it turned out, this was way over ambitious and I was really only in the mood to watch TV and listen to music. At least I will know for next time.