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Step of Faith

Having had cancer has made me re-evaluate how I am living my life. For a while now I have been praying and asking God how He wants me to spend my time and earn my money. I have already been doing increasingly more for my local church, mostly behind the scenes, but up-front too.

I am trying to write a book about my experiences of living life with faith and cancer in order to help others and their families who find themselves in a similar position. However, finding the space and time to do this is extremely difficult.

I have been a primary school teacher for 15 years, 14 of which I have spent at the same school. It has been a good season of my life. I have learnt a lot, as well as taught a lot! But the time does come when it is time to move on.

So I had been praying and asking God if this was His plan for my life, that he should open a door for me to leave. Past experiences in life (in fact my last big step of faith which involved moving 1/2 way around the world) have taught me not to …