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Living Well

Last week the family travelled up North to attend the funeral of a family member who has recently died of cancer.

It was a different type of cancer to mine.

He faced it bravely, but in the end it was just too aggressive and too far gone for medicine to have its effect.

It seems that more and more as I live this life, cancer reaches out and gives me a slap on the face - it may be from close up or from further away, but it makes its presence felt.

A number of things have been whirling through my mind as I was thinking about what to include in this blog post. Should I talk about how allowing children to attend funerals, such as they did at this one, is not only a good thing, but also a healthy way of helping them to navigate and deal with living? Should I speak about how cancer survival rates continue to improve, but yet there are still many that don't make it? Should I speak about the power of family and the gentle support that they can provide in difficult times of grief?

I could …