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Speeches, Reading Books and Four Hundred Miles

The last couple of days has seen me getting back to doing a few things I was doing before I got ill - a couple of milestones alomg my road to recovery.

On Monday I drove up to Blackburn to give an after dinner speech at the FGB (Full Gospel Businessmen) chapter there. I shared my testimony about the events of 2016 as chronicled here in this blog - living with faith and cancer and how God has been and continues to work in and through my life.

I stayed the night with my brother-in-law and fiance who live in Manchester and made my way back home on Tuesday morning. It was cold with foggy patches. This makes the windscreen get very dirty and I ran out of screen wash on my journey home. Luckily I was only a couple of miles away from the next services, so was able to sort it out!

At the end of my round trip of just over 400 miles, I started back at school for three hours on Tuesday afternoon to begin my phased return.

It went well. I am helping with the Year 3 class as they are the largest …

Maintenance Treatment 2

On Friday I was back at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in King's Lynn for my second maintenance treatment. As my daughter had been born there just a couple of days before, and as I have been there for regular chemo treatments through the year, I have this strange feeling of being at home!

It did not seem like it was two months since my last maintenance treatment, but it was. At Tuesday's clinic my consultant was pleased with my progress. He also mentioned that from looking at my weight chart he saw that I had had a good Christmas! I have put on weight, and did so throughout my chemotherapy.

For six months before my diagnosis I had been on a diet and had lost 2 stone! But during chemo I felt I had enough on my plate without having to worry about my weight too, so I let it slide. Now that I'm healthy again I really do need to start the diet again to try to get back to where I was before the chemo, if only to be able to fit in the new clothes I had just bought before it all ha…

Our Second Miracle

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know that in May last year (2016) we found out that my wife was pregnant again, after having an ectopic pregnancy in January, and in the same week we also had my diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

From that time the hashtag #2miraclesinthemaking was created - as we trusted God for him to bring about two miracles! My healing and restoration to health and that our precious baby would be born without complications.

We saw the realisation of the first miracle in November as I was now in full remission. Then the eager waiting started for our new arrival. It was just in time as I gained on strength and health and was able to do more around the home so, Verity, my wife, became increasingly less able to do things as she was now in late pregnancy and all the aches and pains increased.

Last Sunday the long expected moment came. Although a couple of days after the due date, Verity went into labour at 4am. By 8am we were asked to come in to hospit…