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Search for the Hidden Treasure in People

I am currently on holiday in mid-Wales in Carmarthenshire. On our drive from the nearby village to our holiday cottage we pass a sign for a cheese farm. It is a small sign, nailed to a rough fence post. If you blink, you will miss it!

Intrigued, today we decided to pay a visit to the near by cheese farm. Following the unassuming sign down a windy, steep and narrow little country track, where cars need to use passing places to avoid accidents, we arrive at some beautiful and we'll kept farm buildings.

Watching the tourist video introduction it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary cheese farm! It has won numerous awards over the years (and I mean numerous - they have run out of space in their trophy cabinet to display them all!) and supply some of the finest shops in the world including Harrods, Fortnam & Mason and Selfridge's as well as Marks & Spencer's. They have also received a few royal visits from The Prince of Wales, Prices Charles.

After having a very e…

How to Create Song Order in a Worship Setlist

At present I am currently mentoring two people on their journey to becoming worship leaders. Last weekend was the first time they lead the entire sung worship part of the service unaided! I was there, singing BVs just in case I was needed to jump in and 'rescue' anything - but it went great!

It was in the preparation phase when they asked for my advice about the order of the songs in the setlist they had chosen - How do you know when to sing each song?

This was a great question and really made me think. I have been leading worship for 20 years so ordering a setlist is now second nature and the thinking goes on almost sub-consciously, so this question made me think about the process afresh as I tried to explain it to them.

Here are a few pointers I suggested - maybe you will find them useful too?

How to Arrange Songs in an Order for your Worship SetlistPray about it! Ask God what he is wanting to do and go with that. Also think about creating a bit of space between or within s…