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The Just Church - 6 chapters in

Thank you for joining me for my third instalment as I read and review Jim Martin's book 'The Just Church'. You can catch up with what I thought of the first chapter by clicking here.

Jim Martin is tackling a huge topic that is extremely relevant for the church in our world today. It is not just about a cosy, comfortable church but about a church engaged with the world around it and a church that works to bring healing in freedom to those who are hurting and enslaved. It is a big calling and an extremely tall order. It would be easy for an individual, or indeed a church community to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problem and be likely to give up or not bother to engage at all.

However, 'The Just Church' helps to discuss the problem through the lense of a church that has already found ways of engaging with the problem of social justice. It demonstrates practically how a church can get involved. It is not all theory, nor is it full of doom-and-gloom stories, al…

Can a vocalist be a 'proper' worship leader?

Yesterday, one of my worship leader friends put a post on facebook that has caused quite a stir, and received a lot of response. She is an excellent worship leader who works for a growing and 'on fire' church. However, early in her taking on the role, some people told her that: 'You can't be a proper worship leader because you don't play an instrument'.

So my question to you all is, can a vocalist be a 'proper' worship leader?

From my point of view, I think that there is no distinction between someone who plays and instrument and someone who does not. Leading worship is a heart-thing. I would agree that musical gifting is important and useful, although this gifting does not necessarily need to be expressed through playing an instrument. A vocalist can still lead a band. It would help if they can speak the 'language' musicians use to help communicate what they are doing but I don't hink this should necessarily disqualify someone from being a…

The Just Church - The Failure Point

Some books I have tried to read don't grab me. I struggle through the introduction and then it ends up back on the shelf. However, this is not the case with 'The Just Church' by Jim Martin. I can see it becoming one of those can't-put-it-down books the more I read it.

So I have just completed the first chapter entlitled 'The Failure Point'. As well as telling a moving story about an IJM field worker (I won't tell you what happened here - you have got to read it for yoursefl!) the point that faliure is an important part of growth was emphasised. As a teacher and educator (my day job), I often console pupils who are struggling and who are afraid to make mistakes. Educators know that we often learn more through our mistakes. However, reading about this in the context of justice ministry and church work in general surprised me. I guess I know the theory, but am still a bit uncomfortable about the reality. Accepting that mistakes will be made, that failure is …

Sunday Setlist - 02.03.2014

The sermon on Sunday was based on Micha 6 and focused on: Justice, Mercy and walking Humbly with our God. Other themes were also touched on.

We included a new song that the band has been working on for a number of weeks. It was ready to be introduced to the church: 'Victor's Crown' by Hillsong. It went very well and was well recieved by the congregation. It grew in power and impact as people joined in and grasped the heart of the song. I think this one is going to fit well with the songs we do and the sound we carry. Now we will keep it in the setlist for the next few weeks so that the congregation can learn it and it become more familiar to them.
The List:
Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective
I'm Forgiven (Amazing Love) - Passion
Victor's Crown - Hillsong
Humble Heart - Matt McChleryFind audio and chord chart here
Purify My Heart (Refiner's Fire) - Brian Doerksen

So what songs did you sing?Do you know any songs that address the Christian response to Social…

The Just Church - part 1

After going to an IJM (International Justice Mission) in London yesterday where I heard the CEO, Gary Haugen speak about justice and freedom; about setting those in modern slavery free; about the church regaining the heart if God - His love for the poor, the widow, the oppressed. I bought this book 'The Just Church'.I will be reading it over the coming weeks and will give a chapter by chapter account if my thoughts and my journey in this blog as I getmy teeth into it, get my head around it and get my heart filled by it.Stay tuned: the journey has just begun!