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Co-writing Worship Songs

Some thoughts and tips about co-writing in this vlog. Watch and enjoy!

Sunday Setlist (21.06.15)

This is what we sung at church today, what did you sing?

Setlist:Wonderful so Wonderful (Beautiful One) - Tim Hughes
Because He Lives - Gaither Still - Hillsong Who Is There Like You - Paul Oakley Blessed Assurance - Fanny Crosby Ten Thousand Reasons - Matt Redman

The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

I saw this photo doing the rounds on Facebook the other week. It not only got me thinking about those in positions of authority over me, it also got me thinking about my own leadership.

I have had a few ‘bosses’ in my time as well as ‘leaders’. I can tell you that I much preferred working for and following a leader than I did a boss. Somehow, the willingness to go the extra mile, to give and live selflessly disappears when someone displays the characteristics of the ‘boss’. But when a ‘leader’ steps in one feels energised and inspired and you are much more willing and happy to do the work.

As church leaders we rely heavily upon the good will of volunteers. Being a leader who embraces these traits, you will not only benefit from enthusiastic and willing volunteers, but will also give benefit to the volunteer themselves. It is a healthy win-win situation.

A Leader:
Coaches instead of drives the volunteer / employeeDepends upon good will rather than upon their authorityGenerates enthusia…

Sunday Set list 07.06.15 (Obedience)

I had a bit of a struggle finding songs to fit with the theme of 'obedience' that the sermon would be focusing on. In my searching I came across a song I had not heard before, even though it is 10 years old called 'Speak O Lord' by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.
It turned out that the song was a perfect fit for the service, not only as it speaks of obedience but also humility and receiving the Word of God - all of which were points in the sermon!
I love it when God knows what he is doing and even helps you to chose the right songs for the moments he is orchestrating, those special divine encounters. Making even the ordinary process of song selection a place where we can encounter His touch.
The List I'm Saying Yes To You (The Cost) - Rend Collective Waiting Here For You -  Passion / Martin Smith Lord I Need You - Passion Speak O Lord - Getty & Townsend There's a Battle Raging (Just One Touch From The King) - Godfrey Birtell This Is My Desire (I Give You My H…

Integrity Music's Worship Leader Appreciation Gathering

So yesterday I set off on a 2 1/2 hour journey to Dudley (near Birmingham) in order to attend an event hosted by worship music industry giant Integrity Music.

Not knowing quite what to expect I received a warm welcome as well as food! (Yes, food always goes down well). There was time to chat with some of the other worship leaders there and to catch up with a few friends. Then the session began. We had a time of sung worship - nothing fancy, just a guy on a guitar with some colour-wash lighting on the wall behind him.

Then we listened to a presentation from some of the guys from Integrity Music. They were determined to show their appreciation for the hard work worship leaders do in the service of their local churches as well as having a willingness to listen to what we had to say. They explained some of the history of the company, with all the mergers that went on during the recession as well as their heart for curating worship from around the nations in many languages. They also expl…

Images in Worship

Yesterday was interesting. I was caused to consider the images we use as part of our worship.

I am all for using images to help us engage with God. Historically, stained glass windows used visual imagery (and still do) to cause the spirit to focus on heavenly things. These days there is atmospheric projection or the more humble multimedia projector that displays images behind the lyrics to the worship songs being sung.

At our church we are also exploring other, more ancient forms of worship such as the spiritual disciplines and Taize. Part of this involves the use of objects or images to help us focus beyond the image to the spiritual truth that lies beyond it.

The point I am trying to make is - I get it!

I understand how images can be used to point us towards God, that they can say a thousand words and give us food for thought.

So it took me a bit by surprise when a couple from my church spoke to me and some of the elders after the service yesterday to take issue with one of the ima…