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Welcome To The World Katrina

Just wanted to let my blog readers know that my first child was born on 27th June, weighing 3.625kg. Her name is Katrina which means 'pure'.Already had one bad night followed by a good one. We are starting to get the hang of this parenting thing :) Am loving having her in my world.

Matt McChlery playing KingsStock Music Festival 2014

It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that I will be playing at the brilliant KingsStock Music Festival again this year. This will be my second time playing and will be very different from last year's experience.

This year I will be playing on the Woodland Stage on Sunday morning, leading the worship for KingsStock's worship service.

I am really excited to be given this opportunity. I would encourage everyone to come along to this great Christian music festival that is packed with independent as well as professional artists including: Chip Kendall, Daughters of Davis, Empire Nation, Rivers & Robots, Paul Bell, Sounds of Salvation, Keith Hammond and many, many more!

Tickets are on sale now with a variety of pricing options. Grab yours now!

See you at KingsStock Music Festival! Friday 29th - Sunday 31st August 2014  Burghleigh Hill Farm St Ives near Cambridge

Pushy Salesman Evangelism

Yesterday started off well. I have just started my paternity leave and anxiously await the arrival of my first child. I took the day easy, not doing too much, watching some bad day-time TV shows. All was well with the world . . .Then it happened! A knock at the door.

A friendly person was there and introduced himself. Not being one to swear and yell, I listened to what he had to say. He offered a free no obligation quote to re-do our double glazed windows. Now, the windows we have in our house are OK by my standards, however being a responsible home owner I wanted to at least find out how much new windows would cost - I had no idea, so why not?

So an appointment was arranged for later that day. Another representative arrived from the company, very friendly and chatty. But it took him ages to 'get to business'. He seemed to be buttering me up with small talk 'establishing a rapport' (I am not daft - I knew what he was doing). He then rattled through a sales pitch, expl…